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What is Infinite Asylum?

<Infinite Asylum> is an Alliance guild over 4 years old, based on the social aspect of WOW and is GLTB friendly. We're all friends (new and old) and no matter what we're doing, we're gonna have fun doing it! We're a mature rated guild and we do NOT censor our members. Being able to just be ourselves and laugh about anything and everything is what separates IA from every other guild out there. If it's funny but it'd get you slapped, fired or stabbed...we probably talk about it on a daily basis! IA is a medium-sized guild focusing on Heroics and other non-raiding aspects.  Progression raiding, as a guild, will never happen here. Not because we don't know how to do it (a lot of us did it for years), but because we just don't care to do it any longer. This, however, doesn't mean you cannot raid as a player. The LFR tools and pickup groups can happen whenever you want. IA just will not be hosting progression as a guild. Bragging rights, loot, and progression are NEVER our driving force in this game. Fun, friendship and humor are why we stick around. That being said we're not for everyone and that's okay. We don't want to be a giant guild filled with faceless strangers.

There are some simple rules to live by in IA:

  • GLBT Friendly. IA welcomes all types of people & protects them like family. If you want to be liked for who you are, no matter what--IA is for you.
  • No Drama. Self explanatory.
    • Skype is encouraged.  Skype is not required for general membership but you will miss 70% of our conversations if you don't have it. We use it for text based chatter as well as voice calls.
    • The Guild-Bank is a privilege.  Authenticators are required to gain gbank access, once EARNED.
    • Represent your guild well. If you wear our guild tag above your character, you are expected to represent the ideals of the guild, and not be a total jackass to people. This pertains to every aspect of the game, even forums.
    • We don't censor. IA is rated MATURE and therefor we do not censor ourselves on skype, chat or the forums.  Guild wide censorship will NOT happen.  No one's here to intentionally offend people, so things should be taken in jest.
    • This is not a dating service. It's simple. Keep your dating out of this guild, online or off. A lot of us have significant others, but we don't let it spill into the guild. If your dating becomes a problem in IA, Pestle will be happy to remove you, and the problem, from IA.
    Interested in joining IA? Visit our RECRUITMENT FORUM for more info!
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